Loosening the Bible Belt

K. Ralph Devereaux recalls the preaching (and more particularly, the food) of the Camp Meeting Days from his Methodist boyhood.


Suddenly Past

A poignant memoir from Charlton Walters Hillis about our fragile and fleeting lives and those loved ones “passed” and “past.”


The Way ‘Twas

A short story by Becky Swope set in the South during the dark days of WWII. It’s about church, community and the role of duty to one’s country and family.



An account by Chris Roberts which deals with God’s grace, the gift of helping others, and second chances.


A Maundy Memory

Billie Martin Dean Buckles recalls a Maundy Thursday service from a few years ago that made an impact on her life.


That Old Time Religion

Ron Burch’s reflection on his journey of faith and the guidance of his “theologian” grandmother.


‘The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism’

Charlton Hillis reviews Edward Feser’s book.


The Journey to Being a Guide

Sometimes the journey of life provides the best insights to being a guide to others on their own journey.


From Coal to Diamonds: Tim Flannery Looks Home

The continuing story of a former major league baseball player/coach and his walk of faith.


To The Eye of Reason

Charlton Walters Hillis ponders the difference between artists and The Artist.


The King of the World

A short story about superstition and acceptance by Chuck Holmes, set in the mid-20th Century South.


Looking Up from Down on the Ground

Charlton Hillis’ take on Heaven and humility.


The Journey of ‘Journeys’

A look at photographer Michael Belk’s journey to create a collection of modern-day pictorial parables.


Can You See the Emptiness?

Charlton Hillis talks about the constant struggle of emptiness vs. faith.


Temple of Redemption

Lisa Love talks about Merle Temple, his life, books, trials and triumphs.


Behind the Scenes of ‘Deepwater Horizon’: A True Story of Faith and Recovery

Dr. Diane Howard interviews Caleb Holloway, the real-life survivor of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, which caused the worst oil spill in U.S. waters.

From the Front Lines of an African Medical Mission

Dr. Diane Howard interviews some people who are making a difference in Africa.


Views of the Cross

Chuck Holmes’ Easter Program from several years ago…as relevant today as it was then.

A Chinese Christmas Carol

Tim Ulner reflects on a the celebration of Christmas…on the other side of the world.

Dr. Diane Howard talks about an exciting new way to stream online Christian content.

A retreat in the north Georgia mountains serves as the backdrop for an amazing example of grace and forgiveness.

A reflection on life-changing events from the past.

Charlton Hillis goes in search of her ancestors…and unity.

Dr. Diane Howard interviews Dr. Hormoz Shariat and talks about his “satellite” ministry that is beaming Good News into Iran’s fast-growing Christian population.